What Makes Us Different

Management Systems differs in some very important ways from most consulting firms and these differences contribute greatly to our clients’ success.

First, as a result of our extensive publications and contribution to management theory and practice, we are regarded as thought leaders in Building Sustainably Successful Organizations™.  Dr. Eric Flamholtz’s and Dr. Yvonne Randle’s book, Growing Pains (first published in 1986 and now in its 5th Edition) is recognized as the definitive book on organizational growth and development.

Second, our frameworks, tools, and methodologies – all developed by Management Systems’ founder, Dr. Eric Flamholtz (Professor Emeritus, Anderson School at UCLA) – are research-based, empirically validated, and practical.  They have been proven in practice to promote sustainably successful growth and measurable results.

Third, in developing our frameworkstools, and methodologies, we have used a seven step approach that moves from research to validation, to utilization in actual clients, and that includes a strong focus on continuous improvement.  Over the past 40 plus years, our clients have provided us with valuable input that has been used not only in the development of new products and services, but also in continuously enhancing the effectiveness of the tools that we offer our clients.

Fourth, our approach is to help our clients understand their own and their company’s strengths and limitations and then provide them with the tools needed to build upon their strengths and address their limitations. Although we are experts in building successful organizations, we do not just solve our clients’ problems for them (as many consulting firms do).  Our role is to facilitate the implementation of key systems needed to support long-term success – strategic planning, performance management, structure design, management/leadership development, and culture management – and help our clients develop the skills and expertise needed to manage them on an on-going basis. 

Fifth, we have helped a significant number of very successful companies – of all different sizes from a wide variety of industries – benefit from our methods and tools over the past 40 plus years. Some have become leaders or best of class in their space.