Our Approach

At Management Systems, we believe that our frameworks, tools, and methodologies must be theoretically sound, supported by empirical research, and practical to use by our clients.  In addition, our work with clients focuses not just on implementation of specific Management Systems’ Tools, but also on creating measurable results. 

Our Approach to Creating Tools:  The Management Systems Method 

We have devoted more than 40 years to research and development, using the eight phase approach shown and described below:


Step 1:  Research.  We begin with research to study actual examples of organizational success and failure and identify best practices.

Step 2:  Frameworks and Models.  Based upon our research and experience, we develop frameworks and models to identify key success factors and measure their impact. 

Step 3:  Validation.  We then subject our models and methods to further empirical research in order to assess their validity and reliability.

Step 4:  Tools.  After validation, we develop operational “tools” and methods based upon our frameworks and models.

Step 5:  Applications.  Once developed, we apply our tools in actual client situations.

Step 6:  Data Base and Cases.  We then collect data and create cases involving proven applications.

Step 7:  Evaluation.  We also evaluate applications (both individually and collectively, based on the set of data and cases) for strengths and potential improvements.

Step 8:  Continuous Improvement.  Based upon our experience and further research, we strive to make continuous improvements in our theory, models, tools and methods.