Family Business

Family businesses not only have all of the typical issues of any organization; they also have special issues.  For more than 35 years, our clients have always included a significant number of family-owned businesses.  This has given us deep experience dealing with issues that are particular to family business and has helped us develop tools to help you effectively address the issues you are facing.

Based upon our experience and research, the co-leaders of our firm (Dr. Eric Flamholtz and Dr. Yvonne Randle) are in the process of writing a book under contract to Stanford University Press about to building sustainably successful family businesses.

Our work with you on family business issues and family business development can take many forms, depending on your organization’s needs.  This can include:

  • Helping you plan and execute the transition from one generation to the next.
  • Providing training to you and your team on how to facilitate the transitions to a business managed by non-family members, but still owned by a family.
  • Providing training and coaching for younger family members who are going to assume positions of family business leadership. 
  • Team building and conflict management skills between family and non-family members involved in managing a business.
  • Facilitation of family strategic planning.
  • Helping to develop statements of family business values (culture) and related expectations about behaviors.
  • Helping resolve conflicts constructively among family members attributable to business issues.