Book Signing Reception In Varna, Bulgaria for the Publishing of Growing Pains 5th Edition in Bulgarian


Ivailo Illiev, CEO of Forteam together with MaK Publishing House the publisher of the Bulgarian editions of Growing Pains: Building Sustainably Successful Organizations and Corporate Culture: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage organized a Book signing reception  on June 5, in Varna, Bulgaria, located on the Black Sea. The image to the right shows Ivailo I. on the left followed by Eric F., Yvonne R., Mariana Manolova (publisher), and Kalin Manolov (publisher).


An unexpected highlight of the reception was unsolicited comments made by Ms. Teodora Karaivanova (center, on image to the right).  She held up a copy of the Third edition of Growing Pains and explained that she originally read the book in German and was so impressed by its content that she wanted to share it with her husband and Mother in-law, who owned a number of businesses including agriculture in Bulgaria. However, she found that it was difficult to read or explain the book; so she asked her friend, who was a publisher to publish the book in Bulgarian. That was done.