Team Building

Management Systems’ Team Effectiveness Tools help newly formed and existing teams maximize their effectiveness and, in turn, contribute to the sustainably successful performance of the organization as a whole. This involves:

  • Clearly identifying and eliminating the barriers to team effectiveness. 
  • Helping team members enhance the skills needed to promote and support effective teamwork – including team decision making, planning, meeting management, and conflict resolution.
  • Increasing the extent to which your leadership team truly functions as a highly effective, cohesive team.

Our work with you on enhancing team effectiveness can take many forms, depending on your organization’s needs and can include:

  • Assessing your team’s effectiveness.  To collect the data that serve as the basis for this assessment, we typically use customized surveys and/or one-on-one interviews with team members.  Findings from surveys and interviews are summarized in a report that can be used as input to developing action plans for enhancing team effectiveness.  Because every team is different, we work with you to identify the “best” method for collecting this information and for presenting results.
  • Providing training to you and your team on effective teams and on how to create and effectively manage them.   We have a Team Effectiveness Management/Leadership Development module that:
    • Helps managers/leaders understand team effectiveness, 
    • Provides them with tools to assess their own team’s effectiveness, and
    • Presents specific strategies for creating and managing effective teams. 
  • Designing and facilitating team building sessions.  Our team-building sessions are frequently designed to both build the team and to help its members develop specific skills and competencies that will contribute to team effectiveness – e.g., planning, team culture management, team organization (roles and responsibilities), decision-making, etc.
  • Working with your company’s senior executive team to create a high performing team – what we have termed a Leadership Molecule™ – that effectively accomplishes the key strategic leadership functions needed to promote sustainable organizational success.  This can involve:
    • Providing training to the leadership team on the concept of the Leadership Molecule™ and what is required to create an effective molecule.
    • Completing an assessment of the extent to which the molecule is currently in place in your company.
    • Working with the executive team to clearly define the role and focus of each member – that is, identifying which team member “owns” each part of the Molecule.
    • Developing and working with the executive team to implement mechanisms to support the effective implementation of the Leadership Molecule™.